About us

Impresa Sociale Le Rifiorenze

Our adventure began in 2006 with the Ospitale delle Rifiorenze, a Hostel in the former monastery del Carmine in the centre of Florence. Our idea was to create a place where to receive hosts in a different way and making tourism in a responsible way. So we developed for the first time the concept of sustainable tourism. The Hostel became a reference for human, civil and social solidarity, promoting also artistic and cultural activities where not only our hosts could partecipate but also local people.

Since 2013, we had the change to manage this antique monastery called L’Antico Spedale del Bigallo, transformed into the Bigallo Hostel and an alpine shelter Casa al Giogo, situated in the Mugello Region, north of Florence.

Our cooperative company, called Impresa Sociale Le Rifiorenze actually manages the Bigallo Hostel in a responsible way, appraising its regional area and cultural authenticity by promoting culture, arts and developing an ecologic behavior wanting to be in this way an alternative proposal of travelling.

From in the beginning, since 2006, I am part of the company where I laid the groundwork of what is today my job, characterized by the passion for human relationships.

To make travellers having a good trip, to create with them occasions to meet other people and socialize, it’s an opportunity to mutually enrich each other. And this is what I do with my adventure companions, I’ve always tried to develop and improve the structure we have managed and we still manage today.

“Life is what we decide to do with it. The travels are the travelers. What we see is not what we see, but what we are” Fernando Pessoa

I am a member of the Company since 2010 and working with people has always been a source of inspiration and personal growth. Besides, in my life, I have always worked in contact with people, in particularly at the level of communication. Le Rifiorenze gave me the opportunity to do even more in depth, introducting me to the concepts of sustainable tourism, exchange and sharing. The experience of the Bigallo Hostel is thrilling to me a lot, and every day, between difficulties and obstacles, I understand how important is a sustainable approach, and I am aware of tourism and its ressources, both material and human.

“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” John Lennon  “

The first time I saw this antique monastery, I fell in love with the building, the tuscan garden and its amazing view of Florence. That’s for sure the first reason to start this new adventure together with Francesco and Tommaso in 2014.

My first contact with Tourism begins more than 15 years ago, travelling around, first as club animateur thus as receptionist in various hotels. Today I am a Hotel Trainer and Consultant trying to continue to transmit my passion for the Guest. “Service” and “Quality” are my keywords and together with a smile it is possible to conquer each traveller.

Meeting others and having the opportunity to make travellers feel welcome makes this job an human experience that continues to amuse me everyday. Making part of this company gives me the possibility to improve new ways of making Tourism through intercultural relationships, social networks and a responsible attitude.

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing”~Mother Teresa