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The complex of Antico Spedale del Bigallo is very large and made up of various environments. It is accessible frothe medieval courtyard or directly from the entrance of the former refectory.

The substantial refectory, with a pulpit, is used as a conference room (100 people), and is connected to the beautiful kitchen, created according to a project dating back to 1523: the fire place and chimney supported by columns and the massive sink carved in stone are both elements of great value. Upon entering the kitchen, with the fire place and the traditional Tuscan pottery, you get the sensation of stepping into a fairy tale of another era.

From the monumental kitchen, you can step outside on the great panoramic terrace to get a view of Florence and the medieval gardens. Other impressive settings of the Bigallo are the parlor (45/50 people) and the chapel (30 people) – both used as conference rooms also suitable for receptions.

The hostel is situated on the floor above and is divided into various bedrooms and dormitories. The décor is inspired by the medieval “hospital”. It can sleep up to 52 people.

Next to the Bigallo hostel, there is another smaller complex called “Bigallino”.

Bigallino is used for events and training courses and you can access it by the “courtyard of the figs” or from the medieval garden. Today, Bigallino is a modern center for conferences and training with 3 halls seating 50,30 and 25 people.


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