As a city with ancient origins, Arezzo was an important Etruscan and Roman center, the seat of the Christian Diocese since the 4th century, occupied by the Lombards at the end of the 6th century and therefore strong conditioned by them. Famous for the Saracen Joust, the antiques fair, quality craftsmen in the gold sector, Arezzo was known by the world as the city of gold.

The antique fair, that takes place on the first Saturday and Sunday of every month, is particularly interesting and is the largest in Italy with over 500 exhibitors. In 1968 it was the first one in the nation and is the most well-know and attended. It gives the visitors the chance to dive into the past, allowing them the pleasure of discovery of a striking number of objects from various eras.  Around twenty thousand visitors attend each edition of the Fair: collectors, antique dealers and tourists stroll through the stalls set up in the most characteristic parts of the historical center.


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